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    1. Operating Environment
    2. Free Software Supporters
    3. Free Cultural Works
    4. Encryption and Privacy
    5. Window Managers
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GNU.Support is website promoting GNU Operating Systems and its usage in practical applications.

GNU is Not Unix!

GNU is an operating system that consists solely of free software that everybody can obtain, copy, modify, and release, even sell, provided that same rights and freedom is protected in the future for others.

There are many different versions of GNU operating system that everybody has access to and may freely download them. The full operating system and its software is licensed in such a manner that you gain four basic freedoms.

The four basic freedoms are the freedom to run the software as you wish, the freedom zero, then the freedom to study, inspect, analyze, and adapt the software as you wish, as the freedom one, then the freedom to distribute copies of software to help other people and freedom to improve or modify the program and to release such modifications as well. Everybody is benefiting.

This is kind of software that is not going to remind you that you have not purchased the license, or that your license key is expiring. Forget about that.

GNU Operating System

This website is about teaching people how to install the GNU Operating Systems and use them in practical life and business applications.


  1. GNU is Not Unix! This is the primary postulate.

  2. We will give incentives for people to start learning programming.

  3. We will always use GNU Linux-libre kernel

  4. We will follow the Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG) even though this is not going to be a distribution at all.

  5. By all means we will strive to support GNU Operating Systems

  6. We will promote usage of free software in practical life and business applications, for example usage of GNU Health software in hospitals and pharmacies in East African region or usage of GNU Octave in universities.

This page is written in Org mode

Org mode is one of features of our Reach, Connect, Deliver Website Revision System, or shortly RCD WRS. It was a matter of few minutes, to add the new page type to be Org type, and instead of the standard markdown to process pages, I have added as small Lisp program as pre-processor, that is invoking Emacs to process Org files into markdown, and then the markdown to html.

I recommend reading about website revision system on the GNU website.

Websites we like

Operating Environment

  1. GNU Emacs

Free Software Supporters

  1. Onpon’s Shelf

Free Cultural Works

  1. Free Cultural Works

Encryption and Privacy

  1. Schneier on Security

Window Managers

  1. StumpWM

File Managers

  1. ROX Filer
  2. Midnight Commander

Latest pages

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