Global Markdown to Org Mode Conversion

Table of Contents

  1. Looking back on Markdown from 2004
  2. Org Mode is my favorite text tool
  3. Global conversion of Markdown to Org Mode

Looking back on Markdown from 2004

When I first started using Markdown somewhere back in 2004, it was not that popular and there were no website revision systems based on this kind of text processor.

I have recognized it as a simplest method to generate HTML pages. And before that I was using SGML tools, and aft and various other text processors that could generate the HTML.

Org Mode is my favorite text tool

Before some time I have dicovered Org Mode and started making all the plans, programs and projects by using the GNU Emacs editor with the Org Mode.

Org Mode is even older than Markdown, as it says on the website that it was created in 2003 by Carsten Dominik, with the purpose of keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, planning projects, and authoring documents with a fast and effective plain-text system.

Why I did not find Org Mode, I don’t know. I guess it was not popular at the time, or easily available in search engines. I don’t know.

It is the easiest method of writing professional documents that I know.

Global conversion of Markdown to Org Mode

What I can see happening, is that many users of Org Mode wish to convert to Markdown. While Org Mode has been supporting Markdown export for longer time, there are just few tools available that support the Org Mode exports and conversions and just few of those tools are not GNU Emacs related.

What we really need is a simplest Markdown to Org Mode conversion software, and when I say simple, I don’t think of Pandoc.

We will see soon plethora of websites being converted to Org Mode based websites.

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