Emacs Lisp: using mutt within GNU Emacs under ansi-term

Emacs Lisp: using mutt within GNU Emacs under ansi-term

This function requires some modifications for your own usage. As small script has to be setup to run the mutt directly with the ansi-term function. The script named emacs-mutt.sh is executed under ansi-term emulation within GNU Emacs. Editor is set to emacsclient so that all editing takes place within the GNU Emacs. Configuration files without special colors are chosen.

Then you can run and launch mutt within GNU Emacs. It looks nice and is workable. I am using it pretty much. This way I need not go outside of GNU Emacs. mutt is then calling emacsclient as its editor and editing appears within the running emacs instance.

Once you have customized this command for your needs, all you need to do is M-x mutt and you can use mutt within GNU Emacs.

(defun mutt ()
  "Opens mutt in ansi-term buffer within GNU Emacs"
  (let* ((buffer "*mutt*")
     (command "/home/admin/bin/emacs-mutt.sh")
     (exists (buffer-live-p (get-buffer buffer))))
    (if exists (switch-to-buffer buffer)
      (ansi-term command buffer))))

Sample emacs-mutt.sh script:

/usr/bin/mutt -e 'set editor="emacsclient"' -F ~/.mutt/muttrc-emacs

For problems and errors do not hesitate to contact me.

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