Emacs Lisp: Send Status to your GNU Social instance via XMPP or Jabber protocol

Emacs Lisp: Send Status to your GNU Social instance via XMPP or Jabber protocol

This is simple customization that helps the user to send status to GNU Social instance by using XMPP protocol. It means you could get notices over messenger from GNU Social and you could send notices over any XMPP or Jabber messenger to GNU Social instance. You are getting connected wherever you are. XMPP is much easier to use then web browser. The username update@gnusocial.club is your GNU social instance virtual friend. That is something you set up in your GNU Social profile under IM menu. Requirement is that administrator has enabled the menu and XMPP plugin for the GNU Social instance. As of now 2019-08-07 I just guess there are not so many GNU Social instances with XMPP connection. And then you need to have your own XMPP username or Jabber ID. Such need not be on GNU Social instance, it can be anywhere you wish, on any server, if you already have it, you can use your own Jabber ID to send status updates to GNU Social instance and vice versa, you can also receive messages over GNU Social instance. Change it to suit you. It is just a simplification of the jabber-send-message function in the Emacs Lisp package jabber.el. Great one! Coordinate with your team members, assign tasks directly from GNU Emacs to their messengers. Possibilities are wide to help in communication and coordination in any team. Otherwise have fun with decentralized GNU Social networks!

It is best if you can install you own GNU Social software. The virtual private server at Digital Ocean may cost you just US $5 to US $10 per month.

I may provide you service to install your GNU Social service for US $10 on your own VPS or Virtual Private Server just contact me below. Installation of Prosody chat server for your or your organization is also a service that you may need.

I will help you install your own decentralized social and chatting network.

(require 'jabber)

(defun jabber-gnu-social-status (message)
  "Sends statuts to GNU Social instance via XMPP connection"
  (let ((jc (jabber-find-connection "louis@gnusocial.club"))
    (to "update@gnusocial.club")
    (type nil))
    (jabber-send-message  jc to  nil message nil)))

(defun gnusocial-status (message)
  "Send GNU Social status interactively"
  (interactive "sStatus: ")
  (jabber-gnu-social-status message))

Due to Facebook and large providers such as Google, Twitter, in last decades Internet lost to a great degree its decentralization capabilities. People are less and less aware that everybody can run their own decentralized servers, chat servers, websites, and have their own email addresses. GNU Social network software is made to liberalize Internet from centralized servers and to help to connect to each other regardless of which software, network, website, is person using. We are free to communicate without borders, without corporate powers and limits set by abusive large companies such as Facebook and others.

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