Central Files: meta_tables

Central Files: meta_tables

Central Files is management of personal information. Any information that belongs to any person is managed in Central Files. Everything relating to communication with any person that ever contacted the organization is managed in such collection. The table meta_tables may help us in future to indicate if such table need to be hidden or handled in special manner.

The table meta_fields is necessary requirement for Gedafe generic database frontend. We may have use of it in future.

As given and explained in the documentation of Gedafe the Generic Database Frontend there is need for the meta_fields and meta_tables tables.

The Gedafe software will enable us to have additional web interface for Central Files personal information management system, though I will focus on management within the GNU Emacs computing and operating environment that includes text editor and programming language Emacs Lisp.

The table meta_tables will have just 3 fields:

  1. meta_tables_table - it will contain the table name.

  2. meta_tables_attribute - it will contain the attribute related to the table

  3. meta_tables_value - it will contain the value of the attribute

The SQL recipe to create the meta_tables table is here below.

-- Name: meta_tables; Type: TABLE; Schema: public; Owner: -

CREATE TABLE meta_tables (
   meta_tables_table     NAME NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
   meta_tables_attribute TEXT NOT NULL,
   meta_tables_value     TEXT


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